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Livre papier rempli de photos

This book shows, step by step, what kind of material you can use, how to write 6 different Latin alphabets, some practical project.
As it has more than 1000 photos in it, you do not have to understand French to use it. You will see a detailed step by step about each letter.
Here are the writings you will find in this book

  1. ONCIAL (a great writing done at the time of the Roman Empire)
  2. CAROLINGIAN SCRIPT (This major writing was done during the reign of the Emperor Charlemagne in the 9th century)
  3. SQUARE GOTHIC (archetype of the gothic writing)
  4. FRAKTUR GOTHIC (a style used in German speaking area of Europe)
  5. CHANCERY (which might have been created in the Vatican Chancery at the Renaissance)
  6. RONDE (Typically French. Used since the end of the 17th century till the first half of the 20th century)